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October 13, 2007

I hope the past couple weeks have seen much success in attaining your knitterly goals. As you know last week was sparse in attendance, due to Thanksgiving celebrations (we can be forgiven for this one digression). However, the needles will be hard at work this Sunday October 14th.

McKenzie Coles Coffee (Gray and Central in Sunny Saskatoon) will be our venue and it is my hope that we fill the joint with the sounds of clicking, laughter and give their regulars something to stare at once again. Grown women finding amusement with 2 pointy sticks and some string! Who would have thought?

Currently on my needles is a sweater for my daughter who has complained about being cold at school (those darn drafty halls of academia!) What better excuse to pick up some new yarn and a new pattern? With the help of my trusty knitting machine (to accomplish the miles of stockinette stitch that makes up the back of the cardigan) I hope to have the beast finished by Xmas. It is accented with cables on either side of the zipper and the hood as well as extra long cuffs to roll up for that added fashionable accent. I’ve chosen a demure purple wool blend (by Patons).

The hats are done! Whew! The slipper socks are done (double whew! whew!) with the help of the knitting machine. I was able to knit up 3 pairs today. (picture forthcoming and the picture of the hats needs updating as well, but you get the picture!) This means that the Christmas giving list is getting shorter and shorter and I just might avoid the “IT” process this season. (Yeah right! Okay! I chose this denial state as there is still 70+ days until the fateful day).

I missed you guys last week as the non-knitters thought it prudent that I attend family celebrations out of town (go figure!). It still astounds me that many people on this planet still do not fully appreciate the benefits of fibre and refuse to give the soft fluffy “kitties” the proper respect!

So until Sunday October 14 at 2 pm I wish you all happy knitting!!!!

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