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Sunday’s Meeting of the Needles…

September 10, 2007

All things considered, today’s Stitch’n’Bitch was a success! Many of our “regulars” were busy living outside the boundaries of Knitting Land and were unable to join the fun. We welcomed a new member and inhabitant. The infamous Doby Sock was put on the needles and I’ve finally decided what this year’s Xmas gift will be (yeah ME)!! As Knitting does not wait for anyone, the needles clicked on within our small and intimate little group. The coffee was great, the company was superb and the knitting was spectacular.

To the non-knitters within ear shot of us, we must have seemed strange. Clicking away, with straws in our coffee for easy access (it is quite difficult to drink and knit at the same time…when will science create that third arm anyway?), we noticed the occasional stare and often confused looks. However, non of us were as strange as the lady with the long bright pink hair who walked in…who in their right might would do that to themselves, I asked my knitting mates. Although, she was probably wondering who in their right mind would knit in public? Well, let me tell you, there are a bunch of us and we are certainly looking to grow in number. We are teenagers, housewives, toxicology experts, food service experts, data entry clerks, and…well I think you get the picture – all are welcome and none are turned away.

As the hours sped past us, our needles clicked, we endured the confused stares of the local non-knitters and attempted to convert a few of them (for it is true that everyone is a knitter, they just need to discover their inner muse and talent) and accepted graceful compliments and looks of envy. The knitting goddess shone on us for the most part and we only hit a few minor snags…lost stitches (no one could find them again…must be magic of Doby working) and miscounted rows led to laughter and good times.

The afternoon was punctuated with great coffee and the welcoming of one more Knitter friend who has only recently become an inhabitant of Knitting…the world where yarns adorns us all, addictive behaviour (to yarn and needles of course) is accepted and even encouraged, and where shiny needles are better than gold necklaces. Welcome Claire and we hope to see you back again.

To those of you who missed out, we welcome you to next weeks session. To those of who attended today, it was great to meet you and talk about your own knitting adventures. To all of you: The next Stitch’n’Bitch is scheduled for…

Sunday September 16, 2007
McKenzie Coles Coffee
Corner of Gray Ave and Central Ave
Saskatoon, SK
2 pm – 5 pm

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