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Lace Cuff Anklet

March 7, 2007

What a lovely knit these were. For anyone that hasn’t done much lace these would be a perfect start for you. After the cuff, the rest of the sock is a very simple knit.

And I think the KnitPicks Gloss was a perfect yarn for these. The only variation to the pattern I made was the needle size for the cuff. I CO on the size 4 as instructed, however, I knitted the cuff on a size 3, then moved to the size 2 as instructed in the pattern.Now, I’m happy to say I’ve started the Waving Lace again, with Cherry Tree Hill. These are in a gorgeous Cherry color, but of course my camera won’t give you a good look at that red. I’ll have to try a picture outside to or check out the picture below of the yarn in the tree, this yarn is on the bottom limb. I’ve not had the pleasure of using CTH before but may I say what a lovely yarn to work with. I really like the results so far on this sock this time around. [keeping my fingers crossed] I DO love this pattern.

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