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October 30, 2006

Happy Monday to all! I hope we’ve survived the weekend and ready to embark on yet another exciting and insightful journey of productivity and self awareness! NOT. Monday’s suck. The week begins at a grind and no one truly seems to wake until Wednesday, especially in the world of business and beurocracy.

Any of you who faithfully show up to an office each and every Monday know exactly what I mean. I have been greeted by the extra perky almost too happy Monday morning cheer from the resident office worker who just truly has no buisiness being that happy or that awake at 8:30 each and every Monday. Let’s cut back the cheer just a little and wait until the rest of the office is filled with sufficient caffenation. That way we can better deal with the Happy Monday workers. UGH!

Monday’s are not all bad, though. Even though it has become customary to loathe Mondays and we have been socialized to eliminate them from our existance, we can find some good things within the first day of the week. The kids are back to school. The husbands are back at work and the homemaking godesses can once again reclaim their solitude and sanity. For those who wile away the hours in an office toiling their labour on behalf of the greater good – Mondays are often days where the frustrations from the week before find resolution. (Why is it no one in the business and beurocratic world seems to work on Friday’s?) Often beginning the week can afford us with fresh perspectives and fresh eyes to view those perspectives.

Mondays are often the bane of the working world’s existance but they can often be the saviour of our sanity. We begin anew with the benefit of a recharged battery from a lazy weekend. Our creativity and eagerness my slightly be recharged. The only complaint that I might have about Mondays are those perky, happy, oh so insightful and cheery bright co-workers who take it a little too far and do not have the courtesy to wait to enlighten the rest of us until we’ve downed a few cups of coffee and have the energy to at least hear about how bright and cheery the world is according to the perky Monday reporters.

Enjoy your Monday everyone and remember that one of the benefits of making it through the Monday dreeries is that Friday is one day closer by the end of it all. Thanks for reading 🙂

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