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Traveling is fun

October 17, 2005

Traveling is fun! Many an artist has received much inspiration from their travels. It is a common misconception that the prairies are flat, lifeless and lack any inspirational quality. I would liek to remedy that misconception.

Recently Jeanette and I drove to Brooks, AB to visit my sister and her family. The drive was long but we saw beauty around every turn. Whether it was a recently harvested field, an abandoned building, numerous hamlets and towns dotting the highway or the occasional historic information point, beauty and history presented themselves. We were surprised by little pockets of beauty…The Dinosaur Provincial Park (Near Patricia Alberta), the Acadia Valley and where Highway 41 crosses the Red Deere River. The rock formations, the rolling hills, the flowing river and the traces of bygone eras etched into the hillside are all quite a surprise when one is used to viewing the flat prairie lands.

We were fortunate enough to be able to take in some sights in Brooks as well – the Brooks Aquaduct and the strikers of now famous Lakeside Packers strike. Brooks is a small town (which only recently became designated as a city) with many small shops and even a Walmart, 24-Hour Sobeys and Canadian Tire. My nephews were busy working at the local Wendy’s Restaurant and playing football. Victor was busy managing the Wendy’s. Shannon and Jeannie and I toured the city, shopped and had a relaxing and enjoyable visit.

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